Alistair Holmes, Director

Driven, tenacious and passionate about construction, Alistair studied Construction Management at RMIT and worked as a qualified carpenter before graduating to roles as project manager and contracts administrator for some of Victoria’s premier tier-two builders.

Since founding Sinjen with business partner Tim in 2011 Alistair has continued to confirm his reputation for being a skilled and knowledgeable builder and project manager, as well as establishing a brand that is now well recognised within the industry for being synonymous with quality and integrity.

While he is passionate about his work, Alistair’s most rewarding project is his family - wife Heidi and their two children.  In his down time he enjoys yachting and is never more at home than when he’s drenching sheep and raking hay at his family farm in North East Victoria.

Tim Nathan, Director

Beginning his construction career in 2003 as a builder’s labourer, Tim completed a carpentry apprenticeship in 2008 before working as a sub-contractor to a number of registered builders across Melbourne. Keen to put his extensive management and trade skills to work, Tim established Sinjen with Alistair in 2011. Since then he has overseen the successful delivery of more than 70 residential, multi-residential and commercial projects.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of building codes, strong communication skills and a keen eye for design, Tim’s 14 years of construction experience is complemented by a Bachelor of Graphic Design from RMIT.

When he’s not hard at work Tim loves to travel with his wife Ida and their two children, Amalia and Larry.

Jason Aliotta, Chief Financial Officer

Jason brings a holistic understanding of the entire industry to his role as Chief Financial Officer at Sinjen. A forward thinking long term strategist whose ability to see the bigger picture is pivotal to the company leadership and direction, Jason is an accredited Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce (Double Major in Accounting and Financial Management).

Jason’s previous experience includes stints at accounting firms, Crowe Horwath and Blaze Acumen, with subsequent work in the building sphere at the Johns Lyng Group. An accomplished operator with many professional runs on the board, Jason cites his contribution to the successful stock market launch of JLG as a definite career high point. 

Employing some logic and strategy outside of work, Jason enjoys the odd game of poker, testing his reflexes as goalie at indoor soccer matches, and battling friends at FIFA like a boss!

Lauren Bannan, Accounts Assistant

The welcoming and supportive culture of Sinjen made segueing from hospitality to Accounts Assistant in the construction industry, a seamless transition for Lauren with the emphasis on client service and team work of equal importance to both industries.

Backed by an Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management, Lauren has worked across a number of manager positions, including multiple years with the Australian Open. Both high pressure role and stand-out career highlight, Lauren’s involvement in Players Dining especially, resulted in many memorable celebrity player exchanges. Today Lauren employs her practiced management skills to great effect, successfully dealing with people to achieve unfailingly positive outcomes.

Lauren is highly motivated and creative, with a talent for speech writing and a long held interest in Archaeology. Along with a regular health and fitness regime,  she also enjoys relaxing in front of historical documentaries and attending paleo historical exhibitions when they come to town.

Rob Pollock, Commercial Construction Manager

Backed by nearly two decades of experience on a raft of commercial and residential projects with Tier 1 and Tier 3 builders, Rob brings a cool head and an ability to work well under pressure to his role as Sinjen Construction Manager. 

Rob’s qualifications, including a Bachelor of Planning & Design and Bachelor of Property & Construction (Honours) , combined with a solid project background, have equipped him with a comprehensive bank of knowledge, stellar work flow scheduling capabilities, and an ability to motivate his team into delivering an impeccably rendered development on time and within budget.

Super sporty and unabashedly competitive, Rob is a mad keen sailor who has participated in the legendary Sydney to Hobart yacht race on no less than five occasions. Life highlight’s include a 12 month sailing holiday and, proving himself to be just as competent on land, Rob has also completed the Melbourne Marathon in a respectable 3:24.

Sherry Woo, Estimator

With a degree in Quantity Surveying, Sherry has more than eight years of experience working with builders and consultancy on a range of different projects. She is excited to now be segueing from a high-volume and mass building environment to Sinjen’s premium architectural projects.

Meticulous and detail-oriented, Sherry brings her logical and analytical mind, exemplary communication skills and abiding love for numbers to her role as Estimator.

Relentlessly on-task through the working week, in her downtime Sherry likes to unwind and escape into her own world. Unimpressed by flowers or diamonds and with a strong aversion to the colour pink, we’re yet to uncover what guilty pleasures hold the key to Sherry’s heart.

Amy Jackett, Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Amy brings order and unerring efficiency to her Executive Assistant/Office Manager role with Sinjen.  Born and bred in Sydney, she has spent 15 years capably organising the offices of such diverse industries as Advertising, IT,  Financial Services and an Orthodontic practice, ensuring the smooth running of each. 

Outgoing and confident, Amy balances high levels of organisational effectiveness with creating a friendly and harmonious office environment. An ability to multi-task, from mum to a beautiful little boy to streamlining her workflow at Sinjen, helps with handling everyday challenges.  Amy’s natural warmth, empathy and good humour readily engages people at all levels, while a Jedi-like ability to anticipate future needs makes her a Rock Star Manager.

Speaking of Rock Stars, cue the Sinjen karaoke night and polish up on the ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ cover, Amy’s background in music and performance guarantees she’ll leave everyone else in the shade!

Tendai Zhanda, Project Manager

Tendai has an extensive portfolio of project management and contract administration work in a diverse range of companies, including May Constructions, Constructive Group, United Petroleum and Liquid Lines. Backed by a Deakin University Bachelor of Construction Management, he brings an inherent talent for planning and time management to his role as Project Manager with Sinjen.

Tendai has managed a range of projects from fitouts to complete builds and has relished working on some of Melbourne’s most celebrated eateries -Vue de Monde, Fifteen and Top Paddock to name a few.

Tendai manages a successful work/life balance by playing a mean game of tennis, relaxing in front of the rugby or AFL and - with a talent for creating cocktails - moonlighting as a mixologist from his home bar.

Peter Cornelisz, Contract Administrator

An accomplished operator who has inhabited various industry roles including, working as an Electrician, and Site Foreman. Peter holds a Certification in Electrotechnology and is currently completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management at Curtin University.

Keen to further refine and develop his wide-ranging skillset, Peter brings passion, optimism and a considered approach to his role as Contract Administrator.

Blowing off steam at an AFL match, this footy fan has more than a passing interest in property and cooks a killer steak - medium rare, of course.

Chris Wood, Standstruct General Manager

Chris is a construction specialist with an eye for detail. A qualified carpenter backed by a Certificate IV in Building and Construction, his experience is vast and manifest. In a career spanning roles in general carpentry, Site Management and Project Management, Chris is currently employing his technical and problem solving qualities as General Manager for Standstruct.

Standstruct, a leading specialist in massive timber, cross-laminate timber, LVL, Glulam and panellised structure installation, have successfully delivered many commercial and residential assembly projects, and Chris is proud to have been an integral part of its development. His hands on experience and focus on customer service, along with early work-ethic training crewing at Macca’s, ensure timely delivery and client satisfaction.

Easy going with a well developed sense of humour, family man, Chris, maintains the work/life balance camping, fishing and spending time with his lovely partner, Emma, and two daughters, Olivia and Amber.

Brenden Honey, Foreman

Armed with a Certificate III in Carpentry and Certificate IV in Building and Construction, Brenden introduces a wealth of diverse competencies developed over many years to his role as Foreman with Sinjen.

Brenden is a perfectionist whose job satisfaction derives from delivering a project which not only hits the Architects design brief, but exceeds client expectations. A crack negotiator, with excellent scheduling and communication skills, Brenden’s meticulous work ethic is tempered by a well-developed sense of humour.

Time off for Brenden includes camping trips away with family and friends, pottering around the man-cave listening to the radio with a cold beer in hand, or settling arguments by researching all that is ‘true’ and ‘factual’ on Wikipedia - and who’s going to argue with that?

Ramsay Gordon, Carpenter

A fully qualified carpenter, Ramsay honed his skills in an impressive array of residential extensions, renovations and new builds, covering the gamut between heritage homes and contemporary architectural development. Along with extensive commercial work, including office fit-outs and work on some of Crown Casino’s flagship restaurants, Ramsay brings over 31 years of industry experience to Sinjen.

Ramsay enjoys the challenge of working on unusual or unique projects, where his craftsmanship reliably delivers impressive results. An integral cog in the construction machine, and backed by excavator, scissor lift and boom lift licences, Ramsay is a motivated and professional team player.

Topping Ramsay’s list of recreational activities is camping, golf and travel with family. A state title holder for Surf Lifesaving, and, as a level 2 snow ski instructor, has tackled some of the worlds sickest double black diamond runs!

Jacky Liao, Carpenter

Jacky’s background as a Quality Assurance Specialist for PSS World Medical serves him well in the crossover to the building industry. A critical thinker, with exemplary problem solving skills, his affinity for mathematics and mechanical aptitude are a natural fit.

Building on a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) from Holmesglen, where he received an Apprentice Award in 2016, Jacky is a Qualified Carpenter with Sinjen. Jacky’s experience in Quality Control and Project Management skills stand him in excellent stead to successfully progress in the ever developing construction industry.

Balancing an active mind with a healthy body, Jacky’s aerobic stamina and agility come into play during demanding games of badminton, while regular soccer games allow him to channel his inner Cristiano Ronaldo!

Steve Bilotta, Contract Administrator

Meticulous, accomplished, with a host of special interests and talents behind him, Steve brings a multi-faceted set of skills to the role of Contract Administrator with Sinjen. Backed by a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management (Honours), Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) and a Diploma of Animal Technology, Steve’s technical expertise complements a conscientious and intelligent approach to all tasks.

Steve’s intuitive and responsive nature result in well developed relationship building and positive industry connections, which invariably ensures high value results. Articulate and creative, he is an enthusiastic team player who derives great satisfaction from organisation and process. 

An avid Essendon Football Club supporter who attends all home matches, Steve is also an incorrigible mimic with an aptitude for accents, whose favorite pastimes include rock climbing, movie critiquing and share trading on the ASX.

Martin Le, Contract Administrator

Martin joins Sinjen backed by an RMIT Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management ) and industry experience as an Estimator in the Residential and Commercial Building sectors. He is delighted to be part of an enthusiastic and supportive company whose emphasis is on projects of uncompromising quality. 

A natural communicator with strong interpersonal and analytical skills, Martin’s focus on strategic and flexible administration, along with his meticulous attention to detail, ensures productive outcomes and client satisfaction.

At work or play, Martin is a positive and easy going force of nature whose passion for new adventures and experiences include travel, music, video games, sport and eating his way from pho to pizza, and everything in between!

Giles Smith, Contracts Administrator

A talented problem solver, with strong analytical skills and a natural curiosity, Giles work as a Contracts Administrator is solidly bolstered by a dual Master’s Degree’s in Architecture and Construction Management. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he cites attaining practical completion on his very first, and arguably most difficult,  project as a career high point.

Giles is unfailingly calm in high-stress scenarios, consistently demonstrating a capacity for flexibility and strategic management which, combined with strong interpersonal skills, enable constructive relationships with all stakeholders. Aware of the importance of effective collaboration on projects, he values the strong team environment at Sinjen, notably between the site and Head Office. 

Career aspirations include an eventual move toward Project/Design management, while a personal goal is home ownership with yard space for a dog. He is a keen music lover who enjoys live gigs and whose perfect weekend includes the quintessential Sunday roast with a decent glass of red.

Daniel Garbett, Project Manager

Never one to rest of his laurels, Daniel values the learning exercises inherent with each new project, continually expanding his existing bank of talents to deliver exceptional results. He is a highly accomplished Contract Administrator and Project Manager with a University of Melbourne Bachelors Degree in Construction, and years of experience behind him.

Daniel employs formidable analytical and problem solving skills through the life cycle of each project, his ability to prioritise and adapt ensuring each phase of the development runs to course. A motivating presence, Daniel builds meaningful relationships with all stakeholders, while encouraging and recognising the contributions of his team to achieve quality outcomes on time and within budget.

Proud dad to two little girls, Daniel likes to hit the golf course when time permits, enjoys running, and still has time to work on his own home renovations. He’s a choc-o-holic who makes a mean coffee and loves pizza’s and G&T’s…possibly not all together though.

Ken Piggott, Carpenter

Ken, an accredited carpenter, and accomplished Leading Hand brings over twenty years of experience, across a broad range of domestic, commercial, and architectural developments to his Sinjen role. His proficiency in all aspects of construction and renovation, including work on a number of heritage-listed projects, plus six years running his own business, make Ken an excellent industry role model. 

Ken is a motivated professional who is constantly driven to exceed expectations and he derives enormous satisfaction from seeing projects realised through inception to completion. A committed team player, Ken relishes the opportunity to share his knowledge, actively encouraging and supporting the development of others to produce quality results.

Rarely idle, Ken enjoys making custom furniture in his downtime, keeping fit with boxing and karate and balancing that all out with a mean rib-eye steak and shot or two of Wild Turkey.

Despite many achievements to his name, the one Ken is undoubtedly proudest of, is raising his son and daughter as a single dad for ten years - and we think that’s pretty great too!

Shane Hall, Project Manager

Shane is an accomplished operator with a decade of Project Management experience and some solid project runs on the board behind him, including a $30 million apartment development.  Bringing his considerable expertise to every Sinjen project, Shane displays a high level of personal motivation and conscientiousness, inspiring his team to achieve goals and targets efficiently and adeptly. He is an adroit relationship builder who effectively communicates project information to all involved stakeholders, delivering on project safety, while reliably meeting all timeframe, quality and budget targets. 

A proud dad who enjoys weekend fishing trips and going to the football, Shane’s a dab tong-master who can BBQ with the best of them. High on the bucket list is touring the United States, which will no doubt include sampling some southern American brisket and ribs.

Vincent Falvo, Contract Administrator

Vincent is an experienced Labourer, Estimator and Contract Administrator who, backed by an RMIT Bachelors Degree in Applied Science (Construction Management) (Honours) at RMIT as well as a Diploma of Building and Construction, has successfully worked on projects ranging in scale from $15M to $60M.

Possessed of strong mathematical and analytical skills, his work is at the cornerstone of every development, ensuring each project is not only completed on time, but within a budget that supports Sinjen’s signature reputation for outstanding quality. His strong work ethic and attention to detail is underscored by a calm, easy-going manner, with an equal ability to work well autonomously or as part of a team.

Along with career aspirations toward an eventual role as Construction Manager, high on the personal bucket list is travelling the world and catching a live NBA game in America. Vincent is a keen basketball player who enjoys the gym, playing video games and collecting exclusive sneakers.

Cary Fox, Foreman

Cary’s body of work over years speaks for itself. An accomplished carpenter backed by a Certificate IV in Building Construction and Certificate III in General Construction, Cary has specialised in delivering multiple high end residential homes to many satisfied clients, routinely exceeding expectations in the process.

As Site Foreman for Sinjen,  Cary brings a methodical approach to problem solving, along with the necessary interpersonal and management skills to effectively liaise with all stakeholders for the very best outcomes.  A committed team player, with a positive outlook, Cary’s knowledgeable approach, along with a well developed sense of humour, actively encourages and supports the development of others to produce quality results.

Cary keeps up the pace in his downtime, with snowboarding, surfing and fitness training all featured activities, while time spent with his partner may also include such culinary indulgences as mojitos and burritos, or Cary’s own famous fish tacos.

Ash Logan, Foreman

Along with stints as a panel beater and motorbike mechanic, Ash has accrued an impressive 16 years in the building industry. Bolstered by three diplomas in Building Design, Construction Management, and Building, he has spent nearly ten of those years working in Foreman/Manager roles.

Professional career highlights include site managing a $20m apartment build and the complete renovation of Essendon Airport terminal, while framing houses amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada was a definite lifestyle favourite.

Ash derives enormous satisfaction from overseeing the progression of a new build from inception to completion, troubleshooting and resolving any engineering issues that may arise. Inherently practical with strong critical thinking skills, he brings a level-headed approach to each project, leading a construction team 100% focused on delivering outstanding results. 

When not out in the workshop tinkering on his car or motorbike, Ash, a mad keen rev-head, loves nothing more than hitting the track for some power laps, and while striking the ideal work/life balance can prove challenging, his proudest achievement to date is undoubtably becoming a dad to little man, Lando.

Jason Eagleton, Foreman

A Foreman at an award-winning construction company for 8 years, Jason brings a trove of experience working on complex, architecturally designed residential projects, with the construction of a 10 million dollar home in Malvern, a particular career highlight.

Jason is a highly effective team leader, with strong negotiation and relationship building skills behind him. Currently a Site Manager for Sinjen, he thrives under pressure and prides himself on handing over impeccably built developments on time and within budget, with eventual ambitions to develop his own high-end building projects one day.    

Enjoying la dolce vita familiare, Jason is a proud dad to two beautiful girls, whose go-to dining options are reliably Italian influenced. He’s a keen fresh water angler with a secret desire to share the rewards and challenges of river wading and fly casting by becoming a Fly Fishing guide.

Joshua Gregg, Foreman

Joshua’s previous body of work speaks for itself. A qualified carpenter backed by a Diploma of Building & Construction Certificate III, Joshua has considerable experience across a range of residential projects. As Foreman at Sinjen, Joshua is a relaxed but effective communicator, who relishes the opportunity to encourage and support the development of numerous employees on each project.

His easy engagement and natural rapport with all customers, suppliers and ancillary trade professionals invariably results in a high-quality outcome. Joshua enjoys the satisfaction of watching a project evolve over a relatively short period of time and aspires to attain his own builders license to eventually work on small investment developments himself.

Precious downtime may include hanging out over beer and pizza with his partner and their loyal Staffy,  while hitting the track in Joshua’s Hyundai Getz to compete in the calendar of Nugget National events, possibly delivers slightly more adrenaline.

Billy Leek, Foreman

A solid twenty plus years in the industry, including a stint running his own company, have seen experienced site manager, Billy, working across the gamut of civil, commercial and residential developments. An ability to work well under pressure, he is also an effective communicator with established client relation skills. Billy is a measured and confident leader whose organised team management reliably delivers on each element of project safety, quality control, time-frame and cost.

A proud father of two, when it’s time to step away from the day to day, Billy likes to keep fit with boxing and has yet to meet a racquet sport he can’t successfully conquer. Billy’s superpowers, potentially fuelled by pizza and scotch, include being able to run a marathon without any training and building a six bedroom weekender pretty well on his own.

Scott Whelan, Project Manager

Scott is an experienced carpenter with fifteen years experience across the construction spectrum. Bolstered by a Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma in Building and Construction, with an accompanying Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety, Scott's industry knowledge is both broad and varied.

Scott’s current role as Project Manager for leading specialist in massive timber, cross-laminate timber and panellised structure installation, StandStruct , involves working on the type of grand scale construction that will be standing long after he has gone, a fact he clearly appreciates. 

Well developed negotiation skills, comprehensive knowledge of OH&S and work flow scheduling of key tradespeople and deliveries, reliably ensures Scott’s project delivery meets deadlines and is within budget.

Happy to spend weekends hanging with his puppy, Gladys, or, weather permitting, tackling the local mountains for some snowboarding action, top of Scott’s bucket list is to head across to Munich for the annual Oktoberfest. And, true story - you know a man is serious about his grilled meat snack when he installs a full restaurant sized kebab machine in his own home.

Jaan Erkan, Foreman

Jaan is a qualified carpenter and glazier with a raft of experience across a range of fields, including railway concourse construction, structural glazing, commercial shop fitting and multiple residential developments.

His work as Foreman for a commercial contractor on Tier 2 construction projects was characterised by an organised and analytical approach - skills he has run with as Foreman with Sinjen, where his capable leadership style creates a consolidated team delivering quality projects. With the ongoing support and encouragement of the company, Jaan aspires to eventually take the lead on a $10M + project.

An inveterate traveller, with a yen to explore further countries, Jaan is also committed to one day building his own dream home, which despite his love of a challenge, anyone married to a tradie knows this will probably end up being a major goal!

Pasquale Rottura, Labourer

Pasquale is a Labourer and Landscaper with extensive industry experience covering a broad variety of competencies. Highly disciplined, with a systematic approach to tasks and ability to memorise everything on a job site, he values being part of a professional team delivering quality projects with Sinjen.

Citing working on TV’s 2015 season of ‘The Block’ as a definite career highlight, Pasquale also enjoys the challenge of updating his skills and learning new relevant trades. He balances work and leisure with family time, mountain bike riding, following the AFL and maintaining the family farm; with future aspirations to bring a piece of automotive history alive by restoring a classic car.